At the heart of our operation sits our legendary SSL 6032E one of the greatest consoles that shaped and defined the sound of some of the greatest records in time. The console continues to track and mix with efficiency and control allowing us to deliver the best product to our clients. The Avenue’s console was originally built in the early 80’s and since then has continued to deliver a pristine sound both for tracking and mixing to our clients. Although the board was re-furbished in the early 2000’s we have been undertaking a strict maintenance schedule to make sure the console continues to operate at one hundred percent in to the distant future. For the last six months we have been going through each channel and the master section replacing capacitors and various components with modern parts and slowly integrating new technologies as they become available. Some of these include new power supplies, led lighting and soon to be delivered and installed, newly designed plasma metres to replace the out of date old style that are becoming hard to source and maintain. To be honest owning a large format console has been cheaper and less headaches than once thought, mainly due to the horror stories about up keep and the cost of running a console like the SSl you find online. I believe like anything its about how you look after it, showing a general interest and passion for the equipment really helps, as well as identifying any issues you find as you learn the ins and outs of its operation and how it is constructed. Although there is much debate as to weather digital or analogue is the way forward in the modern era, I am of the opinion that it depends on your work flow and what you find most comfortable to drive. For myself the benefits of using the SSL as the centre of my workflow keeps me coming back for more. I find the speed and efficiency as well as the confidence I have when working with it means I will not be changing my methods any time soon. If you are interested in taking her for a drive the studio is available for dry lease, and also keep an eye out for our SSL workshops coming up soon. Luke The Avenue Recording Studio, Melbourne